Leandro Pinter

People-First Technology Leader

About me

I am a people-first technology and product leader and I help companies build great teams and products customer love.
Held various senior engineering leadership positions in startups, scale-ups (Ex Tyro and Swyftx) and large organisations (CBA and ING).
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Advisory work

Here are some problems you might be facing as a startup

  • Need to build a tech team but don't know where to start

  • Growing rapidly and need a sounding board to bounce off some ideas with

  • Need support creating a tech strategy and roadmap to help you get to product-market fit or scale your customer base

  • Want some help to best structure your product/engineering teams

  • Need help hiring engineering leaders and software engineers to build your product

  • Having issues aligning teams toward your company mission and goals

I can assist you by…

  • Helping craft/review your technology strategy

  • Building high-performing and engaged teams

  • Interviewing & closing new hires

  • Coaching and mentoring engineering leaders & teams

  • Participating in day-to-day team meetings with your engineering teams

  • Designing team structures, roles & responsibilities, and processes

  • Participating in architecture & design reviews and making recommendations

  • Participating in product roadmap and MVP reviews making recommendations.

Interested in having a chat about advisory work?